Looking to join MPOP's efforts?

Are you an agency or community organization that deals with substance use prevention, harm reduction, stigma reduction, or treatment? Or are you a community member who wants to volunteer and get involved? We have the spot for you. 

Our partnership is made up of many organizations throughout Macomb County that are working to prevent substance use. And our sub-committees have members from agencies as well as community members who are passionate about helping others. Check out our stakeholders page to learn about the organizations we are already partnered with.

Our program manager and three standing sub-committees report to the executive committee. But, we could always use additional partners from other areas for task forces that are brought together for a specific purpose and then disbanded when the project is completed. For example, we had a task force for the mass media campaign that we had a couple of years ago. 

Email our program manager if you are interested in becoming a partner or would like to join our mailing list!!