NARCAN is a brand of naloxone, an opioid overdose reversal drug. Narcan stops an opioid overdose by blocking opioid receptors in the brain. Narcan is a life saving drug but it DOES NOT replace needing medical attention.

NARCAN is provided for FREE through the following agencies. Attendance at a one hour long training (currently being held virtually) is required in order to teach you the signs of an overdose, how to appropriately respond to an overdose emergency, and how to administer narcan.  

CARE of Southeastern Michigan

Register with Mark Kilgore at:

or call CARE's Recovery United Community Center at:
(586) 552-1120

Clinton Counseling Center Jail Program

Registration is not required.
Please contact Sue or Kathy for the next training dates.

Sue DeMara, Program Director
(586) 307-9570

Kathy Fazzalare, Senior Therapist
(586) 307-9464 or (586) 307-9463 

Families Against Narcotics

Please check FAN's upcoming training schedule to sign up.
If you have a business or group that is interested in hosting a training, you can also request a private training on their website.


"In 2016, Michigan passed a Naloxone standing order law. This allows a pharmacist to dispense Naloxone without an individual prescription and without identifying a particular patient.  With this, the “prescription” comes from the standing doctor’s order from the State. Although individual doctor prescriptions still work for this, as an alternative, family, friends, or others can now obtain Naloxone to use in an emergency without an individual prescription. Administrative rules have been written to implement the standing order."