There are multiple levels of substance abuse treatment services available in Macomb County.  If you are seeking substance abuse treatment and are without insurance or have Medicaid, call the Macomb County Access Center at 586-948-0222. 

Here's what you can expect 


  • To begin your JOURNEY to RECOVERY call the Access Center in Macomb County at 586-948-0222. A representative will help determine what level of treatment is appropriate for you.


  • The representative helping to determine what level of treatment is appropriate for you will ask you a series of NONJUDGMENTAL questions about your personal history, your drug of choice, how much of that substance you currently use, the duration of your drug use history, and other basic demographic questions.  Answer these questions honestly.


  • During this assessment, ANSWERING these questions HONESTLY will guarantee you the best outcome when being referred to treatment services.  This phone call can take between 45 MINUTES to an HOUR.  Please consider this before calling the Access Center. 


  • Finally, when this phone call has concluded, the Access Center staff person will determine what level of SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT  is appropriate for you based on the assessment conducted during the phone call.